You first need to know that I LOVE my kids.  I do.  They are most certainly one of the best things that I’ve been blessed with.  While being a mom is one of the hats I’m grateful to wear, it doesn’t define me.  I can’t let it define me.  If you think about a full life- a long life, and spread it out on a timeline- the parenting part is pretty small.  I mean, I know we’ll continue to be a part of each other’s lives, but they’ll have their own and separate timeline.  I’m a wife.  My husband and I share a timeline.  We are a part of each other’s story and it’s OUR story.  I see so many parents forget their first role as spouse, soulmate, lover…because once kids come along, you’re on the crazy train!  It’s the good kind of crazy most days, but life is crazy.  My husband comes first, and my kids kinda hate when they ask me who my favorite is and I tell the “daddy.”  They know that I think they are beautiful, amazing, delicious boys, but they aren’t what my life circles around.  When they leave the nest and it’s me and him again (oh glory! JK) I want to know that we’ll still know each other after the kids are gone.  He’s my guy, my best friend.  I don’t have many pictures of us before the kids, because let’s face it I’m kinda old.  Our first days were spent when it was film you had to buy and then pay for the prints.  We were broke teachers!  I mean we do have pictures, but we don’t have anything like what I’m about to show you.  And oh how I wish we did!  Even in our small 1.5 bedroom apartment with all the awful decorating attempts I made.  Your story doesn’t start when kids enter.   There are chapters to tell before that amazing day.  This is the story you’ll tell them someday.  It begins with “Us before you…”

Introducing “Us Before You” by Kaela Green Photography.

Many of my high school seniors will be going to prom soon.  I’m sure moms all over the country are asking themselves, “How did it go by so fast?!?”

Prom is a milestone that you’ll want to capture for sure and I’ve put together a list of 5 tips that I hope you’ll find useful!

  1. Document the getting ready portion of the evening!
    • Your daughter getting her hair and makeup done.
    • Your son putting on his cologne and straightening his bowtie.
    • Snap pics of the details: jewelry, shoes, corsage (are those still a thing?!?), tickets… Think candid and creative!
    • Take small video clips 60-90 seconds. Then use a fun program like Animoto to make a slideshow movie.  This is a GREAT way to have a memorable keepsake.
  2. If you can, take their pictures in front of the prom venue.
    • When I take pictures, I always think of the story I’m telling.  So taking pictures in front of the prom venue makes sense within the storyline.
    • Sometimes the venue is far away and inconvenient or (let’s face it) embarrassing to our super cool kids.  I get it.  Go to their high school or where they’ll be having dinner.   A nearby park or urban location works well too!
    • Don’t stress too much about the where because the key factor is good lighting.
  3. Find good light!
    • One of the things that I see many people doing is taking pictures in direct sunlight.  This isn’t any fun for anyone- it’s bright and I have yet to meet a person who looks good with the raccoon type shadows that harsh lighting brings.
    • Instead, find some open shade.  Have the prom cuties stand in the shade so that no direct light is hitting them-this is open shade.  This is much easier on the eyes and looks so much better than full sun.
    • I think the best kind of open shade is created by a tall building.  Be careful with using open shade from a tree.  They can cause dappled shade which is also not a good look.
  4. Go easy on the flowers and trees.
    • So many times I see and hear people say, “Oooo, those flowers are pretty, stand there, it’ll make a good photo.”  Flowers are pretty, but don’t stand right next to them- they aren’t the subject.  Just because they’re pretty flowers, doesn’t mean they’ll make for pretty pictures.
    • Your kids are the star of this story.  If you see some flowers, great!  Have them stand a good distance in front of the flowers (if they’re in good light- see Tip #3) and they’ll add a nice pop of color.
    • The same goes for a brick building.  Don’t have your subject stand right in front of it, have them come on out a few feet.  Also, put some distance between the happy couple and you (the photographer).  It’ll make your subjects pop even more!
    • Summary:  The greater the distance between you and your subject AND your subject and the background, the MORE your subject will stand out from the background. 😉
  5. Awkward is in!
    • Not everyone may agree with me here, but I’m going to say it anyways…They are prom pictures and they are teens so it’s ok that they are awkward.  I think it’s adorable that they’re awkward with each other and in front of the camera.  It’s is all part of the growing up process, right?  I won’t need to show you pictures of my big bangs and ridiculously tight permed hair.  It was awkward and it’s a cherished memory.  Besides I’d be a worried mama if my son was a little too comfortable with his date/girlfriend.  Call me old fashioned.
    •  This last tip is for the parents that have a DSLR…When they are standing together, make sure their faces are on the same plane.  Yep, I’m bringing it back to Geometry. Then when you take the picture have the focus point on one of their eyes.  If they are both on the same plane, you’ll have them both in focus.


Can we all agree that I should not quit my day job to pursue drawing? 😀  I hope you’re able to use these tips!  Have a fun and safe prom!

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You are enough.  You are beautiful just as you are- sleep deprived, without makeup, and up a few pounds, your kids think you’re beautiful and that’s enough.  Treat yourself to a Mommy & Me Mini Session for Mother’s Day or let your husband treat you;)

Our setting will be in and around the Brighton Anythink Library.  They have gorgeous natural light and a green area outside as well.  It’s a perfect intimate setting for you and your little ones.

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Saturday May 6th

2:00 |  2:30  |  3:00  |  3:30

Thursday May 11th

9:00  |  9:30  |  10:00  |  10:30

These sessions are back to back so please plan accordingly.  We will start on time and cannot go over the 20 minutes.  All times are first come, first served.  A $50 nonrefundable retainer fee is required before you receive a time slot.  Call or email to reserve your time.

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When I think of the people I worked with last year, I don’t want to think of them as clients, or pictures that I’ve taken.  I like to think of the people or moments behind the pictures.  I had the biggest year yet here in my small business’ life and I’m really looking forward to new experiences, adventures, and friends this year!  Here are some of my highlights of 2016…

  • KGP celebrated it’s SEVENTH birthday!  That means, I’ve lost a few teeth, learned to read, and have gotten really comfortable bossing other people around.  Wait, that was my youngest son’s description from when he turned seven:) Seven years in the photography business is quite a success and rarely seen since the introduction of the DSLR, mirrorless cameras, and iPhone cameras taking over the world faster than a zombie apocalypse.  And it is something I’m really proud of:)
  • I shot my 50th wedding!
  • I photographed cancer survivors
  • I saw little brothers turn into big brothers
  • I took pictures of a cutie feeding chickens (bucket list checked!)
  • I cheered for aspiring models chasing their dreams
  • I helped new small businesses reach their ideal clientele
  • I captured beautiful kids with big holes in their smiles;)
  • I froze moments for high school seniors who will be spreading their wings in a few months
  • I documented multiple generations celebrating birthdays
  • I photographed more giggles than I can say, kisses than I can count, and memories than I can measure

I feel so blessed with all the new friends I’ve made this year.  Thank you for choosing me to document your beautiful lives in 2016.

Happy New Year!


Now Booking 2017 appointments.   Click the Contact button above to chat about your session.

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My favorite type of session.  When you invite me into your home and we capture what life is like for your family right now.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Colorado and we have some b-e-a-utiful places to photograph outdoors, but when it comes to documenting a new baby’s first days- it’s natural to stay at home.  Home is where life happens.  And for me our house is such a big part of our family’s story.  I’m glad we’ve had sessions here to document what life was like when there were legos to walk around, spilled crackers on the table, and a house full of love and life.

If it sounds intimidating to have a session in your home, let me put you at ease.  You don’t have to clean your home top to bottom and dust actually looks like magical pixy dust in pictures:)  You don’t have to have a styled home from all the latest Pinterest boards.  You don’t have to have all your projects done.  You don’t have to have floor to ceiling windows.

When I arrive, I take a look around to find the best available light.  Sometimes I move a few things around to make the best use of the light.  Nothing big, maybe an ottoman here or table there.  When I have a location I like, you and your family do what you normally would.  I’ve photographed babies getting baths, hair being braided, family’s playing games, books being read, and because real life isn’t perfect a few tantrums;)  There really is no pressure.  I’ve even had dad’s tell me, “it wasn’t that bad.”  I might be joking, but really, I know dads aren’t a huge fan of picture day.  If that’s true for you, try a lifestyle session because moments are valued more than poses.

Here is a recent session I had with a lovely young family.  Now they did have a Pinterest perfect home, but remember it’s family that makes beautiful pictures.

kaela green photography denver co lifestyle photographer photo_0497

kaela green photography denver co lifestyle photographer photo_0498kaela green photography denver co lifestyle photographer photo_0499kaela green photography denver co lifestyle photographer photo_0502kaela green photography denver co lifestyle photographer photo_0500kaela green photography denver co lifestyle photographer photo_0503kaela green photography denver co lifestyle photographer photo_0501kaela green photography denver co lifestyle photographer photo_0504

Now booking for fall & winter 2016.

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